Fishing Derby

The derby for 2016 is done, beautiful day, lots of fish caught, 27 in all, and a pretty good time by all participants.  Attendance was down, but there were a lot of other things going on in the area today.

Winners were:

Biggest trout: Lavin Seguin  1.5 lbs  14.5 inches

Biggest non trout:  Bayleigh Conto  2 oz. 8.5 inches

Smallest fish:  Carson West  1oz. 5.25 inches

All 3 winners received a fishing pole.

Grand prize bicycles by random draw:

Erica Dupra

Blake Hammons

Fishing Poles by random draw:

Katherine Lecuc, Gina Norcross, Audrey Leach, Patience Jock.

50/50 by guessing number of fish caught:  Angel McCavey


Kids Fishing Derby 2015



Fishing Derby 2015