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Franklin County Federation of Fish and Game Clubs Minutes

When: Thursday, August 16, 2018

Where:  Meeting held @ Malone Fish and Game Club

Address:  Outer Webster Street Rd., NY 12953


Meeting called to order      7:15 p.m. by President Ray McIntosh

A Pledge of Allegiance was said

Roll Call:

Alexander MacDonald -     1                 

Best Club -                        0                

Chateaugay -                     2                 

Malone -                             3                

Saranac Lake -                  3                 

Tupper Lake -                    3                


Steve Savage made a motion to accept the Secretary’s Report and Bruce Charland seconded. 

Theresa Trudell indicated that as of April the checkbook balance was $7,030.71 and after the deduction of $269.65 for the fair building fan.  July 11th $203 was deducted for Fr. Co. Ag Society fair passes.  In August the following deductions ($100 for fair startup bank, $50 to Walmart for fishing pole gift card, $92.10 & $57.24 to Bruce Charland for fair building upkeep, and $1,068.50 prize to Melissa O’Brien from Saranac Lake).  In August, the following deposits from the fair proceeds ($101, $332, $109, $137, $167, $213, $285, $261, $167, $164) which resulted in an ending balance of $7,591.97.    Treasurer’s Report accepted.

Legislative Report:  Bob Brown had a productive talk with Assemblymen Billy Jones along Rep. Elise Stefanik pertaining to the issues that transpired at the fish hatchery and the fish manager & the residence.

Old Business:  Ray McIntosh thought the fair building’s looked incredible after the makeover and very professional.  Bruce Charland took the leftover paint to his home to store so it wouldn’t freeze over the winter.  Bob Brower and Steve Savage suggested that the code officer be consulted prior to the building awning being attached and obtain pre-approval. 

Bruce Charland indicated that there was a total 17 fish in the display tank and had approx. six die during the fair.  He plans to purchase new charcoal prior to the tanks being filled next year as it was recommended that the charcoal be changed every 3 to 4 years and it should help with minimizing the death of fish in the tank over the duration of the fair in the future. 

Dan Tower sent out thank you notes to the Manager @ Aubuchon Hardware in Malone and Sharalyn Trimm, the artist who painted the wildlife mural.  Nancy Legacy extended a thank you for all the members who stepped up and filled in for her during her absence at the fair this year. 

Having the annual meeting @ Deer Valley fell through so Charles Inn was booked instead ($25 per plate with tax and gratuity).  Anyone attending the annual dinner will not need to order their meal ahead.  The meal choices will consist of either chicken, haddock, or one other choice.

Dan Tower will order a plaque from Marsden Trophy and will send Theresa Trudell the invoice.  Bruce Charland will get plaque that is filled up permanently mounted @ the fairgrounds as an important way to maintain and assure our heritage and local history is preserved and passed down to the next generation.

Phil Winters suggested that a piece be placed after the fair in the Malone Telegram (Letter to the Editor) thanking the public for bringing their children who might have received free fishing poles and gained some knowledge about wildlife and care of our land and waterways and sportsmen/women of Franklin County, acknowledge artist for mural, including all the F&G Club volunteers who work @ the fair from the Franklin Federation of F&G.  Dan Tower volunteered to submit a piece to the paper.  Also, once old photos are located of the federation building during its original construction - they should be permanently mounted on the walls inside. Thus, Bruce Charland will call Sheila & see if she has photographs from the past.  Possibly someone can look at the House of History in Malone over the winter months on any notations of interest.  Patricia Tower indicated she would do some research on this.  Need new Nellie Staves plaque since the previous one is filled this year.  Danny Tower was going to handle this.  Theresa will take a picture and send to Danny.

New Business:  Theresa Trudell informed us that Saranac Lake is going to be having their Key Bank branch close.  She asked those in attendance if they would prefer our business to be switched over and handled in the future by HSBC or Community Bank.  The consensus expressed was Community Bank.  She will switch our account to Community beginning, Friday, August 31.  Currently it requires only one signature on each check and those in attendance wanted to keep it the same way @ the new financial institution.  Patricia Tower’s name will also be added as a backup license signature in case Theresa Trudell is not available to fill out and sign a check.

Nancy Legacy will invite Kevin Mulverhill to speak at the Annual Meeting on 9/22/18.  Also, Ray McIntosh shared the fact that he will be stepping down as President at the Annual Meeting.  Each club should consider who might step up and take on a vacant position as an officer at the Annual Meeting.

Bob Brown indicated that Tupper Lake will be having 100 vendors at their Flea Market and Craft Show (August 17-19).  Saranac Lake will have a picnic and gun show & gun raffle (August 25th).  Mountain Challenge in Tupper Lake (August 25-26th).  Hunter Education (gun safety) in Chateaugay (Sept. 15th) and in Malone (Sept. 29th) and in Saranac Lake (Sept. 28-29) and Trapper Safety on 9/22 in Malone.  It was noted that only Chateaugay had posted @ the fair when hunter safety was being held. 

Phil Winters shared that the flotilla in St. Regis Falls was a success again this year and they raised $6,700 from the event.

Where to meet nextSaturday, September 22, 2018 @ 6 p.m. for Annual Meeting dinner (only $25 per plate) followed by the meeting @ 7 p.m. @  Charles Inn, 44 Junction Rd., Lake Clear, NY 12945.

Motion to Adjourn – Bruce Charland and seconded by Nancy Legacy.


Minutes submitted by Dan Tower (Federation Secretary)