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Franklin County Federation of Fish and Game Clubs Minutes


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Franklin County Federation of Fish and Game Clubs Minutes

When: Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Where:  Meeting held @ Hosler’s Restaurant

Address:  East Main, Malone, 12953


Meeting called to order      7:00 p.m. by President Ray McIntosh

A Pledge of Allegiance was said

Roll Call:

Alexander MacDonald -     1                 

Best Club -                        0                

Chateaugay -                     2                 

Malone -                             2                

Saranac Lake -                  3                 

Tupper Lake -                    2                


Bill Gutersloh made a motion to accept the Secretary’s Report and  Bruce Charland seconded. 

Theresa Trudell presented the Treasurer’s Report as follows:

$6,980.36  is the balance with nothing new being noted other than some dues being received.  Randy Wheeler made the motion to accept Treasurer’s Report and Bill Gutersloh seconded.

Legislative Report:  Bob Brown had a lot to share including handouts to representatives from the various clubs explaining the value of the Conservation Council and what it does for the sportsman in New York State.  Handout #1 (see attached) explained the Legislative Session, the importance that programs don’t get cut, and what’s happening for this calendar year, and stressed that we should stay in contact with Betty Little and Billy Jones on things that are important to this region.  Handout #2 & #3 (see attached) background information on Congress looking to modernize Pittman Robertson Funding.  We need to be careful that Legislation does not to change P.R. funding from its original intent.  Handout #4 (see attached) “All resolutions for consideration through NYSCC should be to establish or change a position or policy for the NYS Conservation Council on a matter concerning issues of state-wide significance” – deadline is extended this year.  All resolutions should be sent to the NYS Conservation Council by March 1, 2018.  The Council address is 8 East Main Street, Ilion, NY 13357-1899.  Handout #5 (see attached) deals with how clubs pay their dues to NYS Conservation Council.  An individual can pay either a guardian level $30 per year dues or a defender level $65 per year dues while the county membership consists of $250 level dues which is the level the Federation pays.  Handout #6 (see attached)  Gun control facts that Bill Gutersloh provided. Very interesting read.   


Old Business:  

Dan Tower spoke with Sullivan Electric and motor would not fit in the old unit.  A different motor was located and was shipped to Sullivan Electric.  Price will be the same.  Dan will get the bill to Theresa so she can cut a check in payment. 

Nancy Charland stated that anyone who had any ideas on what should be painted on the mural for the fair could email her at owls152@aol.com.

Also discussed was putting together a bulletin board at the fair consisting of a list of accomplishments of the Franklin County Federation.

Tupper Lake will not be sending a child to camp but rather passed their spot to the Chateaugay Club.  Theresa Trudell made motion and Bill Gutersloh seconded that once Chateaugay Club sends receipt, $350 will then be reimbursed to them for the cost of sending a child to camp.

Bruce Charland made the motion to accept the elections as stated above and seconded by Bill Gutersloh. 

New Business:  The position of Vice President for the Franklin County Federation of Fish and Game Club is being filled by Mark Holt from Saranac Lake Rod and Gun Club.  He volunteered from the floor to fill the V.P. vacant position.  Nancy Charland made a motion and Bill Gutersloh seconded and all in favor.

Theresa Trudell wanted to thank the Charlands for volunteering to picking up raffle tickets in Plattsburgh for the Malone Fair.  January 31st, 2018 is the date to remember to renew pistol permit if you’ve had the pistol permit for five years or more.  If you have had for less than five years, you will need to renew by your fifth year anniversary date if not sooner.

The Saranac Lake Rod and Gun Club will not hold their Rod and Gun Show this year due to lack of vendor interest. 

Please note that there is a new gun shop in Saranac Lake across from Aubuchon Hardware.  Also, Tupper Lake is to hold their annual fishing tournament Feb. 3rd and Alexander MacDonald Club is holding an open boundaries fishing derby February 17, 2018.

Bob Brown has a beautiful archery quiver to donate as a fund raiser for the Franklin County Federation.  It can be passed around to each club along with raffle tickets to sell.  

Where to meet next – Tuesday, February 20, 2018 @ 6 p.m. for dinner followed by the meeting @ 7 p.m. @  Packbasket, 781 NY-86, Gabriel, NY 12939

Motion to Adjourn – Bill Gutersloh and seconded by Bruce Charland.


Minutes submitted by Dan Tower (Federation Secretary)