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Franklin County Federation of Fish and Game Clubs Minutes

When: Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Where:  Meeting held @ Packbasket

Address:  781 NY-86, Gabriels, NY 12939


Meeting called to order      7:05 p.m. by President Ray McIntosh

A Pledge of Allegiance was said

Roll Call:

Alexander MacDonald -     1                 

Best Club -                        0                

Chateaugay -                     0                 

Malone -                             1                

Saranac Lake -                  3                 

Tupper Lake -                    1                


Frank Jessie made a motion to accept the Secretary’s Report and seconded by Bill Gutersloh.

Theresa Trudell indicated that the ending checkbook balance was $6,358.22.  Treasurer’s Report accepted by Phil Winters and seconded by Bill Gutersloh.  The club dues are due (see attached).  Currently, Saranac Lake and the Alexander McDonald Club are already paid.  Mark Holt was paid $60 for the fall Conservation Council Conference. 

Legislative Report:  Bob Brown noted that the Senate is ready to go into meetings to send bills to the Governor.  We need Democratic members to write to their Representatives in Albany in regards to the Pittman-Robertson Modernization Act (see attached document).  Also, Bob Brown indicated the great need for the clubs to financially support the Conservation Council at this point.  They are doing many different things to conserve funds such as hiring private persons through and application process to assist as well as during the winters months meeting through conference calls.  However, additional funds are still needed to support them.

The NYSCC Committees have a one day spring meeting to be held in Balston Spa.  Twenty-one different committees from each region in the state will participate.  Please see attached form for a list of committees and to complete if you wish to be on any.  Please note that we are Region 5.

The Conservation Council is to meet with individuals in Albany to assure that the stocking process is being done properly.  The President would like to see the state Conservation Council Meeting Minutes be sent to the county federation clubs throughout the state.   

Old Business:  Chateaugay boat launch is unsafe and is not handicap accessible.

New Business:  Conservation Officer Jennifer Okonuk was present at meeting.  She stated that there were 31 bears taken in Franklin County and it appears that the moose population is very healthy in the county as well.  Officer Okonuk mentioned the success of the hunter safety program at the Malone Fish and Game Club (it held four classes last fall). 

Ruffed Grouse Society holds meeting in Malone, NY.  The individual that heads up this society is Corey Bowen, 655 Best Road, Moira, NY 12957, home phone #(518) 521-4559, email: cbowen11902@yahoo.com.

The Alexander McDonald Club held its annual rabbit hunt on December 15th.  There were 80 entries and 45 rabbits were taken.  There was over $1,200 worth of guns raffled off which amounted to three guns.

Where to meet nextTuesday, January 15, 2019 @ 6 p.m. dinner followed by the meeting @ 7 p.m.@ the Packbasket,          781 NY-86, Gabriels, NY 12939.

Motion to Adjourn – Bill Gutersloh and seconded by Frank Jessie.


Minutes submitted by Dan Tower (Federation Secretary)