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Franklin County Federation of Fish and Game Clubs Minutes


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When: Saturday, September 16, 2017

Where:  Meeting held @ Deer Valley Trails

Address:  4677 Blue Mountain Road, St. Regis Falls, NY 12980


Meeting called to order      7:35 p.m. by President Ray McIntosh

A Pledge of Allegiance was said

Roll Call:

Alexander MacDonald -     1                 

Best Club -                        0                

Chateaugay -                     0                 

Malone -                             3                

Saranac Lake -                  2                 

Tupper Lake -                    1                


Phil Winters made a motion to accept the Secretary’s Report and seconded by Theresa Trudell. Nellie Staves award was awarded to two individuals as follows for their numerous contributions:  Wayne Mayette and Theresa Trudell.  Thersa was presented with a plaque at the Annual Meeting/Dinner on September 16th. Also, the position of president and vice president for the Franklin County Federation of Fish and Game Clubs was postponed due to the lack of attendance until the December 19th meeting @ Alexander McDonald Club.  Anyone who attends the meeting can present their interest or be nominated from the floor.  Also, the Federation Membership needs to go back to their respective clubs to solicit candidates.  Note that Theresa Trudell and Dan Tower have volunteered to continue for another term.

Theresa Trudell presented the Treasurer’s Report as follows:

Theresa wrote a check to Dan Tower for the cost of the two Nellie Staves Award plaques and the ending checking account balance was $6,978.38.  Jim Jones made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report and Phil Winters seconded.

Legislative Report:  None

Old Business:  Ray McIntosh brought up the need for maintenance on the fan in the Federation building @ the Franklin County Fair.  Dan Tower offered to check with the fair staff on what the process is to fix the fan. 

An acknowledgement and thanks goes out to everyone on the Lake Forest Management Committee on the incredible job they did in preparing and submitting the report to D.E.C. 

In September, it was noted that some clubs had not yet turned in their club dues.  If not already done so, mail directly to Theresa Trudell @ 18 McClelland St., Saranac Lake, NY 12983. 

New Business: A motion was made by Phil Winters and seconded to Jimmy Jones to move the voting of President and Vice President positions to the Dec. 19th meeting @ the Alexander McDonald Club.

Where to meet nextTuesday, December 19th @ 6 p.m. for dinner followed by the meeting @ 7 p.m. @ Alexander McDonald Club, 160 County Route 14, St. Regis Falls, NY 12980

Motion to Adjourn – Phil Winters and seconded by Jimmy Jones.


Minutes submitted by Dan Tower (Federation Secretary)