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Franklin County Federation of Fish and Game Clubs Minutes

When: Tuesday, May 17, 2018

Where:  Meeting held @ Alexander MacDonald Club

Address:  Red Tavern Road, St. Regis Falls, NY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


Meeting called to order      7:00 p.m. by Treasurer Theresa Trudell

A Pledge of Allegiance was said

Roll Call:

Alexander MacDonald -     3                          

Best Club -                        0                

Chateaugay -                     2                 

Malone -                             3                

Saranac Lake -                  2                 

Tupper Lake -                    1                

Mike Savage made a motion to accept the Secretaryís Report and  Bob Brown seconded. 

Treasurerís Report was presented by Theresa Trudell stating that the current balance is $7,030.71.  Alexander MacDonald Club will be purchasing fishing poles at the Franklin County Fair and will be donating such poles.

Legislative Report: Bob Brown indicated that with all the anti-gun push currently underway, donít expect any progress with the lowing of the hunting age at this time.  Bob Hudack/Bob Brown sent letters Senator Betty Little and Assemblymen Billy Jones pertaining to Salmon River Fisheries.  Cornell University was doing a study about the spruce grouse and their desire to have no one in Franklin and St. Lawrence Counties able to hunt them.  While Bob Brown was attending a statewide meeting with Mark Holt, a discussion was taking place and he helped educate the difference between a spruce and rough grouse.  By the end of the meeting, DEC stated that nothing was going to come of Cornellís proposal.  Bob did not see any serious anti-gun legislation on the horizon.  Ending school gun and bow programs is currently being proposed and with support to continue these great school programs Bob felt this legislation is not likely to pass.

Old Business:  The donated quiver to be raffled off this fall will be going to the Chateaugay Fish and Game Club for display this coming month.  Bruce Charland mentioned no problems with the painting of the mural for the Federation Building at the Fairgrounds but that a local painter would likely want to be paid for his services and plywood will have to be purchased. 

The painting of the Federation Building at the fair can be painted any color on the inside per the Fair Board and outside framing needs to be in same green as other building.  Also, okay to put an extension on the roof if so desired.  The fan that was purchased has been installed in the Federation Building.

New Business:  There is a DEC Licensed Quail Breeder (Peter Rubas).  If members are interested, his contact information is as follows:  Cedar Ridge Quail, 331 Park Street, Madrid, NY 13660

CRQuail@gmail.com or phone # (315) 322-4146.

DEC is pursuing placing a hiking trail through the middle of Reynolds Game Farm.

Unfortunately, Pontiac Bay Pond only has day parking only or behind town hall due to the waste products from plant waste (dredging old sand bringing in new sand.  

Where to meet next Ė Thursday, June 21, 2018, 6 p.m. for dinner followed by the meeting @ 7 p.m. @  Tupper Lake Rod and Gun Club, 119 Lake Simond Road, Tupper Lake, NY 12986                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Motion to Adjourn Ė Randy Wheeler and seconded by Mike Savage.

Minutes submitted by Dan Tower (Federation Secretary)


June 17, 2018 New info provided by Bob Brown:

 As you will recall we had a special meeting and committee formed to make comments on the Saranac Lakes Wild Forest draft unit management plan and wrote extensive comments and made statements at public meetings n this issue. Here is the final report from Dec submitted to the Park Agency. The Agency will meet and take public comments until July 13.  We need to discuss this  at our June meeting in Tupper Lake and ask our writer Larry Nashett to prepare any additional comments for us to submit to the Park Agency prior to July 13th. I am confused about the meaning of change on launching boats at Lake colby?

Changes to the Saranac Lakes Wild Forest Unit Management Plan from

the Public Draft Version to the Proposed Final.


Changed the proposed Saint Germain Trail so that it would to go directly to Saint Germain

Pond instead of going to the Lake Clear Camp Road.

Removed the proposed trail that would have gone from Lake Clear to Conley Road.

Added language stating that a trail may be built from Middle Saranac Lake to the new

Ampersand Mountain Trail.

Rewrote the proposal for the area that will be managed as an area without trails to remove

reference to hunters and added a better justification for the proposal.

Several changes were made to the Logger Loop Trails: allow for modest reroutes to address

trail problems, the current trail from Route 86 will be kept open, a new 0.5-mile trail may be

built to move Loop 1 entirely onto State land, and the Cherrypatch Pond Trail will be improved

to allow Mountain bikes.

Change wording for the trails near Carolyn Road so that the trails will be laid out close to the

periphery of the area as much as possible, but other factors will be considered in the layout.

Added a series of short loop trails that may be built west of the Prison Waterline Truck Trail.

The proposal for a trail between Forest Home Road and the Adirondack Rail Trail will be


Added a better explanation of why mountain bikes are prohibited from some trails.

The proposed ski trail at Moose Pond was increased in length.

The length of the proposed accessible trail along the Ausable River has been reduced to 500


Added a statement that the Brewster Peninsula Trails may be upgraded.

The Fowlers Crossing Trail will be rerouted out of a wet area.

Parking & Roads

Added a new parking area at the beginning of the Little Clear Pond Road.

Called for the improvement of the parking at Saint Germain Pond.

Increased the number of proposed parking spaces at the Floodwood Road /Adirondack Rail

Trail intersection.

Added a statement that pull-off parking may be developed at the widened drainage areas that

are along Floodwood Road.

Added a statement that bicycles would be allowed on administrative roads and roads legally

opened to the public.

Modified the proposal for the Rat Pond Road, so that the road to Rat Pond from Route 30 will

be repaired for cars to drive to pond. The current road access to the north of the pond will be

blocked 0.3 miles from the pond.

Expand and improve the parking on State Route 86 at the Clifford Pettis Plantation to

accommodate 10 cars.

Water access / boat launches

Added language that sites may be improved or modified to increase accessibility, including

Floodwood Pond from Floodwood Road.

Added a proposal to improve access at Stony Creek Ponds.

Altered the proposed improvements at Hoel Pond so that one of the closed campsites will be

used for access to the water.

Added a proposal to improve the parking at Middle Pond.

Added a proposal to improve the access to Turtle Pond.

Removed the proposal for improved access to Lake Clear from the beach.

Withdrew the proposal for a carrying capacity study to shape our management of the fishing

access sites at Lake Colby, Follensby Clear (north), and Moose Pond. The UMP will now

propose that these sites will provide access to the water, but direct float-off launching of boats

will be prohibited.

Added a statement that design of sites may include consideration for passenger vans with

trailers to turn around and an area for loading and unloading.

Added a discussion about water resources in the carrying capacity section of the UMP.

Removed the action related to conducting a carrying capacity assessment of waters.

Removed the proposed boathouse at the Upper Saranac Lake Boat Launch.


Made changes to campsite proposals at Follensby Clear Pond so that four additional

campsites will be retained. This will mean that there will be 22 campsites on the pond after the

UMP is fully implemented, overall a reduction of 10 from the number of existing sites.

Made a change to the campsite proposals at Polliwog Pond so that one additional campsite

will be retained. This will mean that there will be 6 campsites on the pond after the UMP is fully

implemented, overall a reduction of three from number of existing sites.

Made a change to the campsite proposals at Upper Saranac Lake so that six fewer campsites

will be built. This will mean that there will be 22 campsites on the lake after the UMP is fully

implemented, overall an increase of three from number of existing sites.

Removed the proposal to build two campsites on Rock Pond.

Removed the proposal to build a campsite on Sunrise Pond (just north of Follensby Clear


Removed the proposal to build a campsite on Beaverwood Road.

Removed the proposal to close the current site on East Pine Pond and build a new site on the

south shore.

Added a proposal that lean-tos may be built at designated campsites.

Clarified that camping permits could be issued for the entire big game hunting season at

locations where these permits are restricted to one week lengths for the rest of the year.

Invasive species

Rewrote the section about invasive species. Included more references to New York Aquatic

Invasive Species Management Plan.

Added more language stating the importance of preventing the introduction of invasive species

at all water access sites

Updated information from the Adirondack Watershed Institute boat launch steward reports.

Updated information about the presence of aquatic invasive species.

Other changes

Added more information about illegal motor vehicle use occurring in the unit.

Added recent trail register information and graphs.

Added wording about private property at Connery Pond to the right-of-way description.

Clarified the language about motorized access at South Creek.

Updated some fisheries data and information. Removed Whey Pond from the list of brook trout

waters. Added Tom Peck Pond and Echo Lake to the pond narratives and tables.

Revised the wording related to Wild, Scenic, and Recreational Rivers System Act, including

adding a paragraph in the area overview section.

Updated language related to access for persons with disabilities.

Updated planning team and contributor information.

Added several references to recent studies related to Adirondack visitors and recreation


Update the information on the projected property taxes paid by adding 2014 values.

Added reference to the Departmentís social media presence




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