Cross Country Skiing and Hiking


The hard packed ice and snow is gone from the trails, conditions are spring like with wet spots and mud and pretty much passable.  Please observe social distancing when using the trails.

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Nordic skiing, like many other sports, contains inherent risks including, but not limited to the risk of personal injury including, catastrophic injury, or death, or property damage, which may be caused by variations in terrain or weather conditions; or, subsurface snow, ice, bare spots or areas of thin cover, moguls, ruts, bumps; or other persons using the facilities; or rocks, forest growth, debris, branches, trees, roots, stumps; or, other natural objects or man-made objects that are incidental to the provision or maintenance of a ski facility in New York State.  New York law imposes a duty on you to become apprised of, and understand, the risks inherent in the sport of skiing, which are set forth above, so that you make an informed decision whether to participate in skiing notwithstanding the risks.  New York law also imposes additional duties upon you, to which you must adhere, for the purpose of avoiding injury caused by any of the risks inherent in skiing.  If you are not willing to assume all of these risks and abide by these duties, you must not participate in skiing at this area.







Our trails are through wild forest, while we strive to eliminate hazards from fallen and leaning trees you must always be aware of what you are walking under.  This year we have had more wind than we need, lots of trees have come down, and others are weak.  Just be aware of your surroundings, as you should in any woods.


Trails are open for use by members all summer, hiking and biking are fine, absolutely no motor vehicles.





















Please feel free to go to the map page and print a copy of our trail map.  You must first save the map to your computer and print it from there.







1. Trails are not patrolled you are responsible for your own safety.  It is wise to walk with a partner, but at the very least, let someone know you are going on the trails, and expected return time.  Cell service is usually very good on the trails as well.

2. Maps are available in the mailbox by the front door of the clubhouse.  Please return them after use.  You are welcome to print your own map off the this website.

3.  All land on the East side of the Jackrabbit trail is privately owned, not club property.  Please stay on the trails and be respectful.

4.  Please do not litter.

5.  Dogs are welcome on the trails but must be under your control.  Also please remove any waste left by your dogs from the trails.

6.  In winter trails are groomed by snow sled.  Franz's Challenge trail is not groomed for those that like deep snow experience.

7.  Crossing the pond on ice is at your own risk.

8.  If conditions are found to be unsafe due to icy conditions, etc. the trails will be closed.  Check this website or our Facebook page for condition updates.  If you are on a trail and see an unsafe condition, or tree across the trail please let us know, post on Facebook or call 518-353-2430.

9.  Anyone using the any of the property MUST be a member, guests are not allowed.  This is a requirement for insurance coverage.  Day memberships are available for those who only plan on using the facilities once.

10.  Titus Mountain allows us to walk or ski down to the Lodge, but do not expect to be given a ride back to top, you will have to pay a lift fee.

11.  When the clubhouse is open please sign in and out when using the trails.  Have your membership card with you.



1.  When the clubhouse is open you are welcome to come in and enjoy fire, and good company.

2.  We do not sell any food at the club.  There are water and soft drinks available for a small fee, and coffee and hot chocolate for a donation.  You are welcome to leave your lunch in the fridge while on the trails, and may use the microwave and stove as well.  Please clean up after yourself, and do not leave any perishable items in the fridge.

3.  Ski's and snowshoes are available for rental.

4.  If you have any questions the volunteers on duty will be glad to help.

5.  If you have a group that would like to use the trails on a weekday, and would like to use the clubhouse, call the number listed above, and if possible we will get someone to open up for the day.  Advance notice would be appreciated.